Week Cinco.

I am the lover of uncontained and immortal beauty.



The pier on the Bay in Fairhope.

We kicked the weekend off right by heading to Fairhope for the First Friday Art Walk, something the volunteers put us on to. Fairhope is a smallish, artsy town about an hour away. Every first Friday of the month they have a small art show at the local center and the businesses downtown stay open late serving grapes and fermented grapes (wine.) There is also live music, which was probably my second favorite part. My first favorite part is all the cute old ladies that come out with their cute old husbands and dance and hold hands. I’m so sappy.

Before mentioned inspiring old people.

Before mentioned inspiring old people swingin the night away.

Fairhope, again.

Fairhope, again.

By far, the coolest part of my week though…..

Goes by Maggie. Nesting mother that was tagged by USGS afterwards for oil spill research.

Goes by Maggie. Nesting mother that was tagged by USGS afterwards for oil spill research.

I tried to put the video on here as well, but y’all, I can barely figure out how to change the background color. HOWEVER, I did put it on YouTube. I think I created a page or something. Anyways, here is the link: http://youtu.be/pDI54NweHWY. I don’t know how to get it to link directly. So copy and paste away. It’s a really cool video. It’s already got like, two views. From me. Haha.


Aside from that, I’m also working on an online GIS course, pesticide training and vegetative mapping of plots of newly planted sea oats for dune restoration. We’re up to turtle 9 on nests. No strandings lately, and I hope it stays that way! For me and the sea turtles. Loving these volunteers. They’re all friendly and good co-pilots in the early mornings. We did get to go out with Ben, a researcher, to little Dauphin Island to do nesting shorebird surveys, which means, we got to ride the boat! I do believe Ben qualifies to be on Fast and Furious after riding with him to and from. I got a small shower. I loved it though. Ben is very much an ecologist and thinks out loud a lot so I’m always making sure to listen to him and try to pick up on the way he thinks things through. None of the birds appeared to be nesting which was unusual. It was good habitat, the right time and there were plenty of fish in the sea, or birds in the sky rather, to pick from. So if they’re not nesting here, where are they nesting? I sure don’t know.

Me and Ashley.

Me and Ashley.


Thanks y’all.



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